5 Stars for Lucky Leash

Lucky Leash is positive reinforcement-based training and IT WORKS! We couldn’t be happier with the results. Our dog was timid, fearful, and reactive so we called in an expert to help us – Lola with Lucky Leash. Before Lucky Leash we couldn’t have people over because our dog didn’t handle it well and we didn’t want our guests to be uncomfortable. We had many other issues with our beloved dog, but we weren’t willing to give up, and Lola said she could help us.  This past year our beloved dog has grown leaps and bounds with the tools and techniques we learned from Lola. Now we have the perfect dog for our home and we can invite friends and family into our home. If you own a dog, your dog and you need Lucky Leash. Lola is amazing and her true gift and passion is helping families and dogs have a better relationship.

– Steve and Jennifer, Salem, OR