Do You Know These Canine Superheroes?

Ace Bat-HoundAce the Bat-Hound

If you caught the movies but never read the comic books, you might have missed Batman’s dog, Ace, a clever canine investigator and sidekick of the Caped Crusader.


Superman also had a furry best friend, a nondescript, white dog from the planet Krypton. Like Superman, Krypto had supernormal abilities and senses. His alter ego was the Kent family dog, Skip.


Fans of UK sci-fi series Dr Who will be familiar with K-9, his robot dog companion. He packed a laser-gun nose, serious computing power, and encyclopaedic knowledge.


Another robot sidekick, this one of Blue Falcon. The plot of the show centered on Blue Falcon’s crime-fighting efforts, but the show itself was named for its canine hero: Dynomutt, Dog Wonder.