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Did You Know That Anyone Can Claim To Be a Dog Trainer?

Would you want to go to a doctor who didn’t stay current with new information in the medical field? I wouldn’t! And I think the same educational certification standards should apply to dog trainers.

My Training Methods

  • I use force-free, humane training techniques
  • No harsh, aversive methods that will hurt your dog
  • My training methods are science-based in Animal Learning Theory
  • Your dog’s personality and motivational preferences are used to help your dog succeed
  • Your schedule and lifestyle patterns discussed before we implement a plan
Your Life with Your Dog is Important. Please Don’t Wait Another Day. If you live in Salem Oregon, or the surrounding areas, your dog is worth a quick phone call or email. Call me at 503-931-9535 or send an email.

Continuing Education Attended:

Dog training and dog behavior is a constantly changing field of study. At Lucky Leash, continuing education in the dog training and dog behavior field is critical to understanding the dog. Here is a continually updated list of educational studies, seminars, and workshops that I have attended. Please check back; I am always learning more so that I can help more owners and their dogs!

  • The Forensics of Aggression: Working With and Evaluating Canine Aggression with Jim Crosby MS, CBCC-KA
  • Completed Dr Susan Friedman’s professional course Living & Learning with Animals: The Fundamental Principles and Procedures of Teaching and Learning 8-week course.
  • Aggression in Dogs Master Course with Michael Shikashio, CDBC
  • (Human) Animal Behavior Consulting Mentorship with Michael Baugh, CDBC, CPDT-KSA, KPA-CTP
  • Aggression in Dogs Mentorship Course – Safety, Defensive Handling, and Training with Michael Shikashio, CDBC
  • Aggression in Dogs – Safety, Defensive Handling, and Training with Michael Shikashio, CDBC, and Trish McMillan Loehr, MS, CDBC, ACCBC, CPDT-KA
  • The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference (ORCA)
  • Living and Learning with Animals 2-day seminar with Susan Friedman
  • Growl Class with Ian Dunbar
  • New Concepts for the Treatment of Dog Aggression with Ian Dunbar
  • Reliability and Games Workshop with Ian Dunbar
  • Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach with Michael Culliton & Teryn Jones, Dialogue Education
  • Camp R.E.W.A.R.D. for Aggressive or Reactive Dogs with Pam Dennison
  • 5 day BAT Instructor’s Course for Dog Reactivity with Grisha Stewart
  • Dr. Rosales-Ruiz’s Presentation for HALO
  • Observation Skills, Arousal: Drive, Brakes, and Steering with Suzanne Clothier
  • 3-Day Operant Conditioning Workshop by Bob Bailey with Parvene Farhoody & Daniel Tambourine
  • Fixing the Unfixable with Veronica Boutelle & Marlene DeMartini Price
  • Real Solutions to Canine Behavior Problems with Pat Miller
  • Masters in Behavior Conference
  • Clicker Expo
  • Think, Plan, Do with Bob Bailey and Terry Long
  • The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly with Cara Shannon, held at Posidog
  • Leash Lungers Annonymous with Cara Shannon, held at Posidog
  • Trouble between Dogs: Reactivity and Aggression between Familiar and unfamiliar Dogs with Patricia McConnell
  • Instructor Training Course: Consulting & Problem Solving with Pia Silvani and Carolyn Barney.This advanced course has been successfully operated since 2001 by Dogs of Course.
  • TAGteach Workshop and Primary Certification Seminar
  • Helping Fearful Dogs with Nicole Wilde
  • Instructor Training Course: Teaching & Training with Pia Silvani and Sue Sternberg. This Course has been successfully operated since 1999 by Dogs of Course.
  • The Business of Classes with Gina Phairas
  • 101 Ways to Think Outside the Box: Creative Dog Training for a Rockstar Dog You Can Live With! with Emily Larlham
  • CARAT Level I with Suzanne Clothier
  • Instructor Training Course: One on One with Pia Silvani
  • Master the Growlies – with Kim Moeller & Veronica Boutelle
  • Masters in Behavior 2011 Conference
  • Feisty Fidos with Pia Silvani
  • Aggression “In Depth” with John Rogerson
  • The Behavioral Ecology & Evolution of Dogs – with Dr. Ray Coppinger
  • Aggression in Dogs – with Dr. Sophia Yin & Sarah Kalnajs
  • Dog-Dog Reactivity & Play! Play! Play! – with Patricia B. McConnell
  • BAT for Aggression, Fear, and Other Behaviors – with Grisha Stewart
  • Chicken Camp I, II, and III – with Terry Ryan
  • Poultry In Motion – with Terry Ryan
  • Micro-shaping – with Kay Laurence
  • Transforming the Terrible Teens – with Trish King
  • Coaching People, Course I – with Terry Ryan
  • Kathy Sdao Unplugged: So Many Choices – with Kathy Sdao
  • Behavior, Activity & Reactivity Problems; Quantitatively & Qualitatively Raising the Bar in Dog Training; Games for Teaching Reliability, Precision & Pizzazz – with Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Dog Pro Marketing Workshop – with Veronica Boutelle of DogTEC
  • Tellington TTouch for Companion Animals, Workshop I
  • Control Unleashed – with Leslie McDevitt
  • Get Smart About Training – with Kathy Sdao
  • Playtime – Win, Lose or Draw – with Pia Silvani
  • Fighting Dogs – Family & Strangers – with Pia Silvani

Want to get started with training? Call me at 503-931-9535 or send an email.

Lola Carey - Certified Dog Trainer

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Lola Carey, CPDT-KA, KPA
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