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Meet and Greet Session

Meet & Greet is conducted in 3 parts

  • 1/2 hour Zoom meeting to review information on your behavior history form and ask and answer any questions.
  • 1 hour in-person session at Lucky Leash training facility. We will cover any questions, observe your dog’s behaviors in a new environment, and begin training exercises.
  • 1 hour in-person session at your home. We will build upon previous training skills, observe your dog in his/her most familiar environment, and continue training and behavior modification skills. 

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Dog Training - Socialize a fearful, aggressive or reactive dog - Dog Training

Have Questions first? Try our  “Exploratory Call”

If you are: 
   *   Thinking about dog training but not sure who you want to work with? 
   *.  Got a particular problem you want to discuss?
   *  Not sure if you want to work with me?
Then this phone conversation may help. While I can’t give you specific protocols over the phone (because I haven’t met & worked with your dog), I may be able to share a few thoughts and ideas that you might want to try.  Or we can discuss what next steps you can take to get started in training for modifying your dog’s behaviors. Allow up to 30 minutes.

Reactive Rover

Reactive Rover Class Starts May 7th.

All dogs must have taken the Meet and Greet session for new students before starting this class.

Text, email, or call for more info. Class will be held rain or shine. Open to current clients only. Class will meet on Saturday mornings at 10 am.

Your dog must be able to relax quietly in your vehicle alone when not active in the working session.

Limit 4 students. Open spots are available now.

Lucky Leash Salem | Dog Training Class

Special Service: A.C.E. Free Work

Help create calmness, body balance, soothe high anxiety and arousal, and foster choice in your canine companion. Improve your canine communication skills and observation skills. Sessions build upon these skills each time. $12 each session; you can purchase/book more than one at a time.

4-Session Package with Discount - Returning Clients

You must have completed the Meet and Greet Session Prior to signing up for this package. Check with the trainer to determine your dog’s eligibility if unsure.

Due to natural risks in working with a live species, there are no refunds on private training or classes.

Booking Note: You will be asked for your payment information. Your debit or credit card is used to hold the appointment; this does not equal payment you must still make your payment separately. You can pay at the time of booking, or if you prefer, I can invoice you. Payment in advance is required

salem dog trainer

Single session - Returning Clients

For returning clients who have completed Meet and Greet Session. This session will increase your and your dog’s skills and experience with the foundations and behavior modification protocols. This single session will not “fix” your dog. There are no guarantees in dog behavior. But if you do nothing, you will get nothing; isn’t your dog worth more than that?

Booking Note: is used to hold the appointment; this does not equal payment you must still make your payment separately. You can pay at the time of booking, or if you prefer, I can invoice you. Payment is advance is required.

Single Dog Training Session
Lucky Leash Salem | Dog Trainer Salem, Oregon

🛑 COVID19 safety guidelines will be followed: surfaces will be disinfected before and after every client, entry and exit are monitored, and 6’ distancing (or masks) are expected to ensure safety for all. 

⚠️ Check the weather forecast before you book your session. ⚠️ Days that are too hot for you and your dog, especially in the afternoons, can take all the fun out of this event. So either pick a cooler day, or an earlier time during the day. If you don’t see a time that is good for you on the calendar, just text me, I can sometimes provide alternative times.

Field Play for You and Your Dog

Must have completed New Client Package.

You and your dog can come play in the large fenced field at our Training Center. This time is for just you and your dog to have fun together.

Sessions are by appointment only to ensure safety for both dogs and their people.

Bring a couple of your dog’s favorite treats for reinforcement. A box of toys is available and water is provided..

By Appointment Only. Field is ungroomed and may contain mole-holes, blackberry vines, and the occasional neighborhood cat. You’re responsible for your/your dog’s safety. We follow COVID-19 distancing.

Lola Carey - Certified Dog Trainer

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