5 Tips For Cold-Weather Walks

1. Beware the Burn

If you’ll be walking where the roads are being salted or treated with ice-melting chemicals, protect your dog’s footpads with booties or petroleum jelly.

2. Stay Bundled

Unless your dog is a northern breed that lives for the snow, invest in a sweater or coat that covers him to the base of the tail and under the belly.

3. Leash Up

If you’re out in bad weather, don’t let your pooch off leash. Heavy snowfall obscures familiar scents, making it easier for dogs to become disoriented and lost.

4. Skip the Ice

Stay away from frozen ponds, lakes, or other water. You never know if the ice will support your dog’s weight.

5. Slow Down

Running in cold weather is tougher on your dog’s heart because it’s pumping extra hard to keep his body temperature up. If you notice labored breathing, stop.